Cloud Technology Can Make Your Business More Sustainable

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Cloud technology is changing the landscape of business in many ways. One of the lesser known benefits of cloud technology is that it can make businesses more sustainable. A recent study from Berkeley Labs claims green businesses should leverage the cloud. You may want to read their study and see how migrating your businesss servers can help you be greener.

Energy Saving Benefits

Many cloud companies have promoted their services as sustainable energy solutions for businesses. Many experts were initially skeptical of these claims and began investigating them. The new study from Berkeley Labs suggests that moving data to the cloud can save companies more energy than originally anticipated.

You would probably be surprised by how much energy you can save with cloud computing. Berkeley Labs found that companies moving their software to the cloud could save enough energy to power the city of Los Angeles for a year. This data is probably going to encourage more SME businesses to use a private cloud hosting provider in the coming years.

How Is the Cloud Sustainable?

There are a number of reasons moving your data to a virtual server can save your business on energy costs. Here are some benefits that you will want to take into consideration.

More Efficient Data Storage

Most businesses use very energy inefficient hosting solutions. You are probably one of them if you are a small or medium sized business because you will be moving your data to a much larger server, however there are also cheap and efficient servers like those from hostgator


You can help make your community greener by letting your employees work from home. Your employees can use cloud technology to telecommute instead of wasting gas driving too and from work every day. You also wont need as much office space and can save money on heating and lighting.

Hold Meetings Online

You can also hold some of your meetings over the Internet. This prevents both your employees and partners from having to travel to your office.

Assess Energy Saving Opportunities

Berkeley Labs has recently created a new tool called Cloud Energy and Emissions Research. You can access this on their website. This is great for businesses that want to see how much money they can save by migrating to the cloud.

The Cloud Energy and Emissions Research app allows businesses to compare different cloud storage options and see how they would change their carbon footprint. You may want to consider using it if you want to make your organization more sustainable.

Should You Save Money by Changing Hosts?

Many companies are using cloud computing to save money. However, few companies realize that it can help make their businesses more sustainable. You should consider these benefits if you want to save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

A number of companies are researching new ways that businesses can leverage cloud computing to be more sustainable.

English: Cloud computing sample architecture

English: Cloud computing sample architecture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)